Today is supposed to be “Blue Monday”. The day when the grimness of the endless rain of mid-January, meets post-Christmas gloom, meets the solid “thunk” of the credit card bills dropping onto the doormat (or into your inbox). The most depressing day of the year apparently. It is, of course, all very subjective and a bit like “Divorce Day”, a bit of media led fiction that sells a story.

The story in the background to “Blue Monday”, however, is serious, and doubly so in the midst of a pandemic and yet another lockdown. Mental health is much higher on the agenda then it was a few years ago. The true toll and scope of the impact of lockdown on the mental health of those who were already isolated, or living alone, and the population generally, probably won’t be known for quite some time after all of this has passed.

If you are suffering ongoing or deteriorating mental health you need to contact your G.P. despite the pandemic. You are not making a nuisance of yourself and you do need to get some help.  If you are struggling with finances and need some advice, there are also a number of different options. This is a good place to start with links to a number of different organisations offering help and support: Free financial advice – Your options.

If you are just feeling a bit down in the dumps, then try to take control of where you are and make some changes, for the day and also moving forward:

  • Put a treat into your daily schedule. Having something to look forward to makes a difference.
  • Get some exercise. There are loads of free videos and courses online for all sorts of exercise options.
  • Get outside. It’s tempting to ride out the Winter inside your house but going for a walk will make you feel a lot better, even in the rain!
  • Check your diet. Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables?
  • Sleep more. Sleep is so important. If you are feeling tired, go with it and have a sleep-in every now and then.
  • Talk to someone. Give an old friend a call or write a letter! It’s good to express yourself.

These may seem a bit simplistic but it’s often the simple changes that make a difference. Have a look at where you are at and think about what makes you happy and what changes you can make to get to a happier state of mind.

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