Back in the day, I used to have a lecturer at University who hated February. He regarded it as a ‘waste of time’ and a bit of a carbon copy of January with slightly more light. He may have had a point, though I have always found it rather a cheerful month. This may, of course, be down to half-term occurring in the middle of February and the approaching Spring.

There are those out there who will philosophically view the whole question of whether a period of time can be viewed as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as entirely down to individual circumstances and emotional response, rather than a subjective reaction based on anything rational. That’s probably a logical and correct view but faced with two weeks of unrelenting anti-cyclonic gloom from the Urals, if you get a bad spell of weather in February, even the most sensible of us can be found reaching for the bottle!

Anyway, the point of this Blog is to consider what you should be doing with February to move things forward. It’s a good time to shift out of the ‘holding pattern’ of January and whether you are trying to grow your business, find a new house, actually get a Will (and stop putting it off) or sort out your marriage, there is potential to actually do something positive. It’s also a little scary that it’s already February when it only seems five minutes since you were toasting in the New Year.

To avoid the ‘Hells teeth, a quarter of the year has slipped past and I’ve not done anything…’ scenario come April, you do need to do something now!

The first stage is to do your research about whatever it is you want to accomplish. Do some reading, ask some questions and understand exactly what you are getting for your money and how it helps you reach your objective. It may be that when you start talking to one of rhw’s solicitors (for example), you will come away with a range of options that get you moving in a completely different direction or get you to think about a solution you were previously unaware of.

The second stage is to actually book a time to talk to someone. Even in this digital age, face to face contact cannot be bettered as a way to make a lot of progress quickly and to process a great deal of information efficiently. The conversation may also bring up questions you never previously considered but you will be in a situation where you can get answers quickly.

The third stage is to instruct the solicitor to get on with what you have decided you want to do. This is the lighting of the ‘blue touch paper’. It makes things happen!  Don’t let it all drift.

That’s all you need to do to get your 2019 under way and change your life or get your business moving forward. Inertia can be a very attractive proposition but only if you want to find another year has passed and you are in the same place.

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