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We want your Will to properly represent your wishes and protect the future of your family and business. Our solicitors will listen to your requirements and understand your unique situation. We will ask you the questions that need to be asked and provide the best legal advice to ensure you achieve your required outcomes.

There are a lot of individuals and various ‘outfits’ advertising their services online, in magazines and on websites offering to draft your Will. What you will notice with many of them is that they focus very heavily on the price of that service.  Your Will is vital to the future security of your family and, sometimes, your business. What they should be focusing on is the quality of what they produce and whether the Will reflects your circumstances and wishes. Once you die you cannot change the Will or the outcome of what has been left for others to sort out.

When you meet with one of rhw’s experienced Will Solicitors you will be asked questions that will get you thinking about what exactly it is you want to happen after you have gone. We will put scenarios to you that many Will writers will just ignore. What rhw look to do is ensure your Will covers all the bases and holds up 100% to scrutiny after your death.

Law Society Accredited - Wills & Inheritance Quality

How Wills solicitors can help you...

rhw’s Private Client solicitors team consists of Jessica Pope and Helen Barker.  rhw has the Law Society Wills & Inheritance Quality (WIQS) accreditation.

With a professionally drawn Will you can be sure that:

  • Your chosen loved ones will be provided for (this is particularly important for unmarried couples as a surviving partner does not have the same legal inheritance rights as a surviving spouse).
  • Suitable executors/trustees have been chosen to administer your estate and (if necessary) manage assets held on trust for your children.
  • Guardians have been appointed for your children.
  • Your Will is as inheritance tax efficient as possible.

Each Will is tailor-made so as to be appropriate to that client’s financial and personal circumstances. We see our job as not only taking instructions but also putting forward suggestions and encouraging clients to consider options they had not previously thought of.

We want your Will to continue to protect your interests after you have passed on. To this end we do not offer a cheap, one size fits all service. We have witnessed, on too many occasions, what can occur to badly or inappropriately drawn up Wills when they are contested.

We understand that making a Will can be quite daunting, so our aim is to be friendly and approachable while providing a professional service. Clients are encouraged to ask questions and understand fully the document they are signing.

rhw are active supporters of ‘Topic of Cancer’ charity. They support research into immunotherapy treatments in the battle against cancer. You can learn more about what they do and how having rhw write your Will can help raise funds for ‘Topic of Cancer’ by following this link: https://tinyurl.com/y5ovzqef

What our clients say:

“Excellent Service with all matters dealt with and put to bed efficiently” – Mr R Smyth

“I have always received sound advice from rhw…” – Mr A Clark

“I was more than satisfied with the service I received” – Mrs A Newman

“Professional yet friendly” – Ms G.

“Efficient And Assiduous” – Mr M Frost

Wills and Inheritance Quality. rhw Solicitors in Guildford are accredited by The Law Society

Meet the Wills & Lifetime Planning Team

Jessica Pope

Jessica Pope

Associate Solicitor

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