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Looking for a fixed fee overview of your business?

In the post-Brexit era, business owners need to ensure they have the edge on their competition and that their paperwork and procedures are 100% compliant.

We recognise that many businesses choose to focus their attention on providing their clients or customers with the best service or product they can.

Of course, your product or service is of primary importance. Without giving your customers or clients what they want it does not matter how efficiently you run your organisation – you will not be in business for long.

A good service or product may very well be the most important ingredient in a successful business.

But it is not the only one.

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business, employment law & commercial law issues are among the most vital considerations for a smoothly-run operation.

Even a seemingly minor miscalculation in hiring a new employee, drafting an employment contract, handling a disciplinary or grievance procedure or terminating the employment of a member of staff can lead to hugely detrimental consequences for your business.

More than 60,000 employment tribunal claims are lodged at court each year. Of those, successful claimants are awarded an average of more than £12,000 for an unfair dismissal claim, and more than £23,000 for a sex discrimination claim.

But, in the worst case scenario for employers, some awards are as high as half a million pounds or more.

Adverse judgments can therefore represent a major setback to a small or medium sized enterprise (“SME”) and may even prove fatal.

Since employment tribunals rarely make costs orders, even if you do not lose at a final hearing the legal costs involved in defending a claim may easily reach into the tens of thousands of pounds – money that you will likely never see again even if you win.

It is therefore critical to make sure your employment law house is in order.

That is where rhw come in.

rhw’s Business HealthCheck is a service we provide help to SMEs to strengthen their employment law fundamentals.

For just £250 plus VAT, rhw’s employment law team will review your standard contract of employment, company handbook, disciplinary policy, grievance policy and provide a report of our recommendations.

Contact: or call 01483 302000 if you would like to discuss rhw’s Business HealthCheck in more detail.

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