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rhw’s Family law team consist of Samantha JagoElizabeth Leah,  Arjun SreedaranBethany Rickerby and Clive Hogan. The team are listed in The Legal 500.

You can find out more about the team by clicking on their individual names or by visiting our staff profile page and then selecting on the team member you would like to know more about.

At rhw we take a holistic approach to family law matters. We are aware of the wider factors that are involved with such matters as divorce or mediation. We look to provide a full support service for all of our clients, whether that be emotional or psychological help or just a someone to talk things through with.


Professional Service

Samantha is a member of Resolution, which promotes a non-confrontational approach to resolving family matters and seeks to resolve family law disputes in a constructive way designed to preserve people’s dignity and to encourage agreement.

rhw are able to offer a complete compassionate but always highly professional service for family clients and have experts who are able to advise on all issues that may affect a family breakdown such as businesses, transfer of property, employment and inheritance planning.


Divorce is often portrayed in the media as a confrontational legal free for all, with parties attacking each other over every minor point. For the vast majority of people this is not the experience they have.

Yes, there are ‘difficult’ divorces but most people want to sort out what needs to be sorted out with the minimum of disputes and get on with the lives. Family law solicitors work to make every effort to minimise the conflict, emotional anguish and stress that divorce can bring to all those involved.

Here at rhw we aim to take clients through the divorce process as swiftly as possible Our family lawyers also offer fixed fee mediation, which is aimed at reducing conflict and keeping discussions non-confrontational.

rhw will provide you with the best possible legal advice and support all the way through the divorce process. Contact the team for a chat. You deserve rhw as your legal representatives.

Divorce and Finance

Financial issues and future financial security are one of the most important issues that clients face during separation and divorce.  Whether you are in a marriage or facing a civil partnership dissolution, many of the same challenges can exist over financial affairs and understanding how finances can be split between the parties involved.

This is often where disputes can arise and where individuals can be tempted to ‘hide’ assets or not fully understand what does need to be declared. rhw’s family law team have a lot of experience in the area of finance. They know what questions to ask and how best to protect your interests. No one wants to stir up conflict in this area. The aim is to find a fair agreement as smoothly as possible so that you can get your life back on track.

As with all the other legal areas we provide advice on, rhw’s team will represent your best interests. Based on your requirements to achieve future financial stability (and those of your children if applicable) and the financial situation on the ground, we will present you with the best options that are available.

Please contact rhw’s family team for more details and to understand how we can help your unique situation. No two clients are the same and we never treat them as such.


This is an area that concerns many of our clients the most. Parents are naturally concerned over how separation and divorce will affect their children. This is perfectly natural, and it would be very unusual if the welfare of your children was not going to be the most important thing on your mind during a divorce.

Many of rhw’s team have children of their own and are very aware of the concerns of their clients with regard to this area. Relationship breakdowns can be extremely challenging times for children and they will often have to adapt to a lot of change.

rhw’s  priority is to ensure that the decisions that you and your ex-partner come to are in the best interest of the children and also reflect what you want as far as that can be achieved.  We can help on visitation rights, financial arrangements, or how key decisions are made in your child’s life.

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