International Matters

rhw deal with any number of cases where one of the parties to the family lives abroad and one party lives in England or Wales. This is not an unusual state of affairs and is becoming more common as families become more complex and people travel on a more regular basis.

Getting Married Abroad

What if you got married abroad? It does not matter if the parties are married and the marriage ceremony took place in another country, provided one of the parties lives in England and Wales and they wish to commence divorce proceedings, those proceedings can be started in this jurisdiction and then English Family Law will apply.

Elizabeth Leah, at rhw, specialises in dealing with international matters and high net worth divorce instructions. She has a great deal of experience in providing excellent legal advice and guidance for those who are sometimes having to deal with issues across two or more different jurisdictions.

We have connections with legal firms in other countries, such as France and America, and have good relations with these firms to assist if need be. So, whether you are an ex-pat or based in the UK we have got the legal team who can help you.

We also represent parents looking to relocate abroad with their children against the wishes of their ex. We also advise on potential child abduction matters putting in place measures to prevent such abductions taking place.

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