Monthly Archives: August 2015

rhw – Book Club

As some of you will already know, rhw run a Book Club. We are always looking for new members. If you would like to come along please email The next proposed Book Club Meeting is Wednesday 30th September 2015. As agreed by the existing attendees at the last book club meeting the next book shall be […]

Recruitment Opportunities!

rhw are currently looking to recruit in three areas. Two of them are for support staff: Experienced Legal Secretary to support our residential conveyancing team and General Administrative Assistant. The third position is for a Corporate Lawyer. If you are interested, please send your CV (in confidence) to You can see rhw’s current team on our […]

The fallout of Ashley Madison

The company Ashley Madison has been in the news this week, after their website was hacked and their user details were made public.  This would be awful for anyone, but the sting in the tail is that the Ashley Madison website was designed to assist individuals in having affairs.  Their tagline is “Life is short. […]

Monitoring the Workforce

Stop & Search – Monitoring the workforce The legal action taken with regard to security checks Apple performs on its employees has caused considerable comment across the media and within business circles. The cause of the dispute has not been so much about the level of security or any personal infringement of freedoms but more […]

Should I enter an Undertaking?

Undertakings are a common part of the Court process, and are defined as a legal promise to do, or not do, something.  It is a promise to the Court, and if you break it there are ways that it can be enforced.  If broken, you could be at risk of being fined, or put in […]

Ilott v Mitson – Now the dust has settled

There has been a lot of publicity over the Ilott v Mitson Case in the national press since the Court of Appeal awarded Heather Ilott £164,000 from her late mother’s Will. The case itself has been making its way through the legal system for the best part of a decade. In the case of Ilott […]