Buying and Selling Commercial Property

Commercial Property Solicitors

Our commercial property team have a wealth of experience advising on the acquisition and disposal of all types of commercial property, both leasehold and freehold, including:

  • Retail shops;
  • Factory units;
  • Warehouses;
  • Pubs and bars;
  • Restaurants; and
  • Medical practices.

Reasons to Use rhw's Commercial Property Team

An experienced commercial property lawyer will be able to guide you through everything you need to consider from the start of proceedings, through to the completion of sale. The process usually starts with the Heads of Terms that clearly lays out what both parties have agreed upon, through to the searches, any conditional planning permission, surveys and inspections and completes with the transferring of funds, and the final exchange of contracts.

Where can rhw offer help? When buying commercial premises, you will need to obtain a commercial property mortgage. Not renting offers a number of benefits, such as increasing the overall value of your assets, not being worried about rent increases, and the possibility of being able to rent your commercial property to other business if your mortgage terms allow.

The downside can be that you will often require a large deposit, and the value of your assets reduce if property prices go down. You will be responsible for health, safety, and maintenance, and it might make it more difficult for your business to relocate.

Our team will ensure that the process is as smooth and straight forward as possible, providing you with clear and succinct advice and guidance along the way on all aspects of the transaction.

We have access to a large network of experts including agents, accountants, surveyors and planning specialists so that if you need specialist advise at any stage of the transaction we can put you in contact with the right people.

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If you need advice about buying or selling a commercial property, or want to discuss any other commercial property issue, please contact the team directly on or call 01483 302000 and ask to speak to Brian Shacklady or Jack Lightburn.

Meet the Commercial Property Team

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Jack Lightburn

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