Shareholders & Partnership Disputes

A dispute between business owners can be just as personal and as acrimonious as any divorce, because it involves the breakdown of a relationship and all that goes with that.

Independent mediation may be enough to resolve your problems. If not, you can contact rhw dispute solicitors in the knowledge that they have the experience and understanding to offer effective advice and representation.

How Disputes Occur

Shareholder disputes are a recurrent feature of corporate life and often occur when a minority shareholder believes that a majority shareholder is not acting in the best interests of the company.

rhw look to see if the shareholder dispute can be resolved by asserting one of the existing statutory and contractual rights. We determine whether there has been a breach by the majority and/or the minority. Our dispute team can advise both minority and majority shareholders.

Partnership Disputes

Disputes amongst partners often occur when a partnership is looking to recruit, downsize or one of the partners is looking for an exit route. There can also be more difficult issues when one or more of the partners wants to restructure or change direction or remove someone for perceived poor conduct or performance.

rhw Solicitors, Guildford, (logo) Shareholders and Partnership Disputerhw can advise both remaining and departing partners in professional partnerships. We can help across all issues that bring partners of shareholders into dispute.

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Meet the Dispute Resolution Team

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