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When disputes happen in a business relationship these can be both costly and time-consuming if positions become entrenched. Contractual disputes, intellectual property, professional negligence – regardless of the nature of the dispute there are options to resolve them before they become litigious.

If you are trying to manage and grow your business, disputes can cause cause a distraction to you achieving your objectives.

Introduction to Commercial Disputes

rhw have an experienced team of commercial and dispute resolution lawyers ready to assist in the resolution of commercial disputes. We are able to act as mediators as well as pursuing your case vigorously through the courts when required.

Here at rhw we are aware that these situations can be deeply upsetting and disruptive. Often the initial reaction is often to hope the problem resolves itself or ‘goes away’. Unfortunately this rarely occurs and the dispute continues to be a problem and carries on causing stress and upset. Facing the matter head on and bringing it to a conclusion is the way to get your life back. rhw can help with this.

rhw solicitors have the knowledge and experience to deal with dispute resolution matters quickly, confidentially and effectively. rhw’s dispute resolution team comprises Stephen Bottomley, Daniel Crate and Niamh Cheek.

rhw will assess your matter swiftly and will give you an honest appraisal as to whether it is something we can help with. This allows us to understand your concerns from the outset and give you a rapid initial response.

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Meet the Dispute Resolution Team

Lyssa Reeve

Lyssa Reeve

Associate Solicitor
Niamh Cheek

Niamh Cheek

Legal Secretary
Katrina Burrows

Katrina Burrows

Trainee Solicitor

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