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rhw’s commercial property solicitors provide a full range of services for SMEs, lenders, investors, developers, landlords and tenants.

Based in Guildford, Surrey, our commercial property lawyers and their supporting team bring a wealth of experience, an eye for detail and a high level of client service. We provide a practical and business-like approach to understanding your commercial property goals and helping you to achieve them in the simplest and most cost-efficient way.

Commercial Property in Focus

Client objectives are what we focus on. We listen to what our clients view as a successful outcome from a project and then we will advise on the best way to accomplish that outcome. We will always protect our clients interests and ensure that all enquiry outcomes, whether good or bad, are communicated back to them so they have 100% transparency over the progress of the matter in hand.

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Commercial Leases

Badly drawn up commercial leases are the cause of many lengthy disagreements particularly at key points such as break clauses, rent reviews and the end of the lease itself. rhw have a lot of experience in preparing well considered draft leases for a wide variety of commercial properties and uses including retail units, offices, industrial units, warehouses, factories and medical practices.

Commercial leases are invariably lengthy and complex documents. They will set out the terms and obligations between the landlord and tenant for the lease term (and possibly beyond) and therefore it is imperative they are drafted and reviewed by a specialist such as rhw. If you get it right at the start you will save yourself a lot of problems later on.

Commercial Property Development

The commercial property development cycle is well known. It involves stages such as funding, site acquisition, construction and completion. Getting the timing and delivery right of the legal side of things is essential to the process. Each part of the development cycle comes with its own risk and often projects have millions of pounds worth of investment involved with them.

Having a proactive and experienced Commercial Property Firm such as rhw on board from the outset can not only help avoid getting things wrong but it can help assess the viability of a project and often increase the profit margin.

Commercial Property

Buying and Selling Commercial Property

An experienced commercial property lawyer is essential if you are buying or selling property.  From the preparation of heads of terms and the formal contracts, to assisting with an application for a commercial property mortgage, rhw can provide legal advice and guidance

Our team will ensure that the process is as smooth and straight forward as possible, providing you with clear and succinct advice and guidance along the way on all aspects of the transaction.

rhw logo: Commercial Property Solicitors, Guildford, Surrey. rhw commercial property solicitors in Guildford have access to a large network of experts including agents, accountants, surveyors and planning specialists so that if you need specialist advise at any stage of the transaction we can put you in contact with the right people.

Meet the Commercial Property Team

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