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rhw have a very well known and highly regarded residential property team.

We provide a high-quality service that doesn’t cut corners and regards client service delivery as paramount to everything we do.

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Professional Service

Your home is (very likely) to be your largest asset. If you are buying or selling a property you want to be assured that someone is looking after your interests and asking the right questions, even if the answers may not be what you were hoping to hear. We carry out all the searches and have the experience to know what to look for in the responses we receive.

Whether you are buying or selling a freehold or leasehold property, rhw are happy to help. We will provide a swift quote and an explanation of what we provide in terms of our service to you.

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Conveyancing (Buying & Selling)

The practice surrounding the buying and selling of residential property has changed a lot over the years. Timescales have reduced as technology has changed the way we communicate and the speed at which ‘searches’ and queries can be dealt with.

At rhw we like to stay up to date with innovations that improve our service to our clients. To this end we have introduced a number of IT initiatives that will speed up the provision of quotes to enquirers and help the flow of information between clients and our team.

We will never reduce our service quality to clients. We are always keenly aware we are dealing with the existing or future home of our clients.

We don’t cut corners and we don’t try and compete with the ‘conveyancing sausage factories’ who are interested in fees and churning through work as quickly as possible with little care for the client’s interests.

Please contact us if you like the sound of what we do:

E: T: 01483 302000

Equity Release

Equity Release has become an increasingly popular method to ‘release’ some of the inherent value of property whilst still maintaining the ability to live in the property. Sometimes this can be to undertake improvements to the property itself, distribute some inheritance finance, or to deal with repayment of the mortgage itself if there has been an interest only payment scheme in place.

rhw are happy to assist as independent advisers on equity release matters or on any other legal matters involved with this area.

Transfer of Equity

On occasions you may have a requirement to change the position relating to how and by whom a property is owned. rhw can help with this process through Transfer of Equity. This is basically the process where the ownership of a share or interest in a property is transferred from one entity to another. It is also known as a partial conveyance.

If we can be of assistance in this area please contact the team for full details of how the process works and related fees.

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