Monthly Archives: April 2017

Getting Married? It’s not only your ‘single’ status that changes….

It has struck me that when you are planning a wedding or civil partnership ceremony no-one informs you that your legal rights are going to change as a consequence of the marriage. The time in which you are arranging your wedding or Civil Partnership, is a happy time. Many people will congratulate you on the […]

Commercial Debt Recovery – Cashflow in Volatile Times

Optimising cash flow for your business in these politically volatile times This is not another party political broadcast. Due to other commitments, we have not had the time to form the rhw party in this election cycle, but who knows what may lay ahead for 2022…? On a serious note, regardless of your political ideology, […]

Asleep on the Job – Overnight in the Care Sector

Asleep on the Job? Should those within the care sector who are expected to ‘be present’ overnight at their place of work, be paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW)? rhw Solicitors look at two key cases in this specific area which is causing concern amongst care providers. There have been various key legal cases focusing […]

Directors and the perils of personal liability

Forming a company is an excellent way for business owners to avoid personal liabilities arising in the running of their business. However, the protection afforded is not absolute. A business may enter into a number of transactions which could place its directors at risk of personal liability if those transactions are not considered carefully. Conventional […]

Probate Fee Changes – Deal or No Deal?

We have previously commented on the plans from the Government to overhaul the charging bands relating to how probate fees are paid. The last couple of days have proved to be interesting times for the proposals, as the joint committee on statutory instruments has suggested the changes many not be legally enforceable. The report from […]