Monthly Archives: September 2015

rhw sponsor Guildford Book Festival 2015

rhw are delighted to be the digital sponsors for the Guildford Book Festival in October 2015. Having been involved as sponsors for the last couple of years, the success and growth of the Festival and the immense goodwill the event has in Guildford and surrounding area is clear for all to see. The calibre of the authors and […]

Barder Events – Have your circumstances dramatically changed?

A case has recently been reported where a Father was allowed to appeal a Financial Order in his divorce despite being out of time, because the circumstances that the Court’s decision was based on had dramatically changed. The couple began divorce proceedings in 2013, and they had two children, now aged 13 and 10.  Under the […]

Have you been phubbing too much?

An article published in the academic journal “Computers in Human Behaviour” has found that excessive use of mobile phones in front of partners, known as “phubbing” (“phone” + “snubbing”), can harm relationships, Marilyn Stowe Family Law reports. Researchers from Texas surveyed 145 adults to ascertain how big an impact phubbing has on a relationship.  They […]