An article published in the academic journal Computers in Human Behaviour has found that excessive use of mobile phones in front of partners, known as “phubbing” (“phone” + “snubbing”), can harm relationships, Marilyn Stowe Family Law reports.

Researchers from Texas surveyed 145 adults to ascertain how big an impact phubbing has on a relationship.  They asked the group a series of questions about how often their partner checked or used their phone, and their satisfaction in the relationship.  The act of phubbing had a negative effect across the panel, particularly in relationships where one person is particularly anxious.

Unsurprisingly, this is further evidence that a lack of communication with a romantic partner can lead to anxiety and dissatisfaction in a relationship.  As family lawyers, we often see that the main cause of problems in a relationship, or indeed during the divorce process, is a lack of communication and an unwillingness to address the issues at hand.

Whilst it is tempting to put your head in the sand during these difficult times, the reality is that the problems will pass much faster if they are addressed and dealt with.  Therefore, if your partner asks to attend Relate to talk about your relationship, or if a solicitor is asking you to come back on that complicated looking document, it can be better for you to meet the issue head-on rather than ignoring it by phubbing!

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