Monthly Archives: November 2016

A question of quality and competence…

As conveyancing solicitors, we make no secret of the fact that we are not the cheapest on the market for many of the services we provide. We have been trading long enough as a law firm (almost two centuries) to understand what the true cost of delivering a high-quality service is and we don’t pretend it […]

Financial Claims in Divorce Cases – A legal update

rhw’s family law team commented on the outcome of the Wyatt v Vince case back in 2015, with regard to the limitation of financial claim in divorce proceedings. Since then the judgment in the case of Waudby v Aldhouse has also added to case law in this area. In the Waudby case the wife began […]

Quickie Divorce? Hmmm… Top 5 Divorce Myths Debunked

I can get divorced in 6 weeks The media reports celebrities getting a “6 week” quickie divorce and online divorce companies say they can give you a “quickie” divorce. What they are actually talking about is a waiting period that has to happen between the second and third final stage of a divorce process.  The […]