Hybrid Mediation

Hybrid Mediation to resolve complex family issues

In any family dispute emotions can run very high and positions can become rapidly entrenched.

No matter how irreconcilable your differences may appear to be, there are a range of alternatives to court through which you can attempt to broker a resolution before you consider costly and time-consuming court action.

Hybrid mediation is a combination of the traditional family model combined with the civil mediation models. This combined the confidentiality and sensitivity which is the hallmark of the family law model with the benefits of the approached adopted in the civil arena.

Focus on Hybrid Mediation

The Hybrid mediation approach offers:

A discursive process which provides a method of resolving complex issues through analytical reasoning and discussion.

Control by the impartial mediator, rather than two lawyers, or a judge, whose role is to facilitate negotiation in a neutral manner.

The opportunity for the clients to remain separate and apart in the process should they choose to do so, which can be less stressful for those involved.

Continuing  support by your lawyers within the process

Hybrid mediation is a great option for couples who are at risk of reaching an impasse in terms of their divorce negotiations. It creates an environment where both sides can work with a jointly instructed mediator in an environment that avoids conflict situations and endeavours to achieve an outcome that can move all sides forward.

It is also a comfort for some couples to know that they can be assisted throughout the process by their existing lawyers who will:

  • Help deal with disclosure
  • Provide independent legal advice and support on request
  • Attend mediation sessions with their client if requested to do so
  • Explain the process where required
  • Finalise any settlement agreement

How to find out more about Hybrid Mediation

For full details of how rhw can facilitate access to the Hybrid Mediation process, please contact rhw’s Family Law Team who will be happy to discuss the process with you.

call 01483 302000  email: family@rhw.co.uk

Hybrid Mediation Summary

Hybrid mediation gives you the opportunity to take your time and think about the issues that are important to you, whether it be arrangements for your children as they grow up, how to deal with money within the marriage or cohabitation or options of where you will live.

The process moves at a pace that suits both sides, which ensures you can carefully consider each issue rather than rushing through it.

Hybrid Mediators will listen to you to find out what is important to you, and help you and your ex-partner to move forward.

You can also consult your own solicitor during the hybrid mediation process, to check that the choices being taken are in your best interests.

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