Dispute Resolution

Disputes can be time-consuming, stressful and also expensive. If you have a dispute that appears to be unresolvable, you need to seek specialist legal dispute solicitors, such as rhw, a well-regarded law firm in Guildford, Surrey, who will act in your best interests in the most cost-effective way.

Conflict and Disputes

Whatever your legal dispute, whether personal or business, at rhw we understand that you will want to get it resolved swiftly so you can get your life back on track. Our team of specialist legal dispute solicitors provide expert advice and work hard to achieve the best result for you. We’ll listen to your objectives, the history of the dispute and advise you honestly about your options. A third party intervention can often achieve a resolution that would have previously seemed almost impossible.

We’re upfront about costs and will tell you if we think our involvement is unsuitable. We take time to understand your needs and offer an appropriate service and fee structure to suit your budget and unique circumstances.

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Consumer Disputes

Whatever the scenario you are facing (debts, property, land, corporate, employment, probate etc) there are legal mechanisms in place to bring these disputes to a satisfactory conclusion. Here at rhw, our solicitors have the knowledge and experience to deal with dispute resolution matters quickly and push for a resolution.

Consumer (private) disputes are different to business disputes. Often, they can be a lot more personal and unpleasant in nature, as there is not a ‘shield’ of business interests between the parties. We understand this and how it can be very disruptive for your day to day life.

Business Disputes

Business disputes can be very harmful to the day to day activities and growth plans of a business. Whether your dispute is with a supplier or with a client, if you reach a stage where you cannot find resolution, or where both sides have become increasingly entrenched in their positions you should seek third party help.

Here at rhw, our solicitors have the knowledge and experience to deal with business dispute resolution matters quickly and push for a resolution. This will help free your business up to move on and fulfill growth ambitions.

Business disputes are different to personal disputes. They can have a wider impact in terms of causing a rise in risk factors for investors, employees and for the future of the business itself. A lot of businesses are very personal to the individuals who formed them and so disputes can feel like an attack against the person.

Here are rhw we understand this and how it can be very disruptive for your day to day life and your business ambitions.

Neighbour Disputes

There are few things more exhausting than an ongoing dispute with neighbours. These disputes can often arise out of something small and then develop quite quickly into something much more substantial.

The disputes themselves, can be over anything and anything. From parking rights, to overhanging branches, noise at night or the use of a property for unlicensed purposes.

The problems can be exacerbated due to the amount of time the parties spend in proximity to each other. You can’t go home at the end of the day and escape the problem because it is at home that the problem exists.

rhw Solicitors in Guildford (logo), Dispute Resolution rhw can help address these types of disputes and bring matters to a conclusion as rapidly as possible.

Property disputes

Boundary Disputes

People are very protective about their property. A lot of people can get very aggressive about what they consider to be a transgression onto the land they believe they own. Boundary disputes can be a source of a lot of long running disputes. Parties involved often feel a loss of privacy, value and rights and also feel deeply indignant, as though they are being personally violated.

Not surprisingly disputes can rapidly get out of hand and positions entrenched (sometime literally). With the application of Land Registry documents and professional help, matters can often be sorted out quite quickly. If you can establish that no one is acting improperly then parties can often feel less hard done by and will then seek a resolution.

rhw can help with these matters and look to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

Boundary disputes

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