Corporate Insolvency

The Insolvency Act 1986 (IA 1986) does not define the term ‘insolvency’ but instead highlights a company’s ‘inability to pay debts’ as the defining factor.

How rhw can help you

Although there may be several reasons to consult a solicitor on corporate insolvency, each circumstance will require a team that understands the importance of resolving the issues your company maybe facing.

Our experienced solicitors will seek the best option tailored to you, whether it involves negotiating with creditors, agreeing informal or informal credit agreements and company voluntary agreements (CVAs).

We are also able to assist on the other side of matters, for those creditors (individuals or businesses) who are seeking repayment of a debt owed to them. We regularly advise clients on attempting to settle matters via negotiations, issuing statutory demands and winding petitions.

To maximise the likelihood of resolving your dispute as soon as possible, please contact a member of rhw’s Dispute Resolution team today.

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rhw offer a comprehensive Dispute Resolution package and can assist with matters of insolvency.

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