Monthly Archives: April 2018

‘The Split’ – A Travesty of Reality!

On Tuesday 24th April 2018 thousands of viewers across the Nation tuned in to watch the first episode of the new legal drama on BBC one, The Split. But for many of us in the legal profession, family lawyers in particular, it left us with a “splitting” headache after trying to digest some of the […]

Part time Mum? Full time Mum? We should support each other.

We women are not always very good at showing one another the solidarity of sisterhood that perhaps we should.  I give you an example.  I was having birthday drinks with some friends recently when one of my friends piped up, “How do you feel about being a part time Mum Samantha?”. “What do you mean […]

Meal Ticket V Clean Break

The case of Kim Waggott and William Waggott which was dubbed ‘the meal ticket for life’ has returned to court. Kim Waggott had been awarded £9.7m in the original financial proceedings, with £175,000 in annual maintenance payments for the rest of her life. However Mrs Waggott considered the deal an unfair one as she would […]

My spousal maintenance/costs order has not been paid – what can I do?

You’ve achieved your aim and secured a spousal maintenance or costs order from the court – end of story, happy ever after – right? But what if the debtor then doesn’t pay? What are your options? Set out below is a brief guide to the next steps and methods of enforcement available to you as […]