Online Fraud – Conveyancing

Online banking fraud is on the rise. If you receive an email apparently from rhw Solicitors LLP containing BANK/CHAPS/BACS INSTRUCTIONS OR REQUESTS, please call us immediately to verify the information prior to sending any funds.

rhw have ceased sending our bank details to clients by email as emails are no longer considered a secure form of communication for this type of material.

If you receive an email purporting to represent our bank details please contact us immediately by the phone number shown on this website and do not respond to the email.

rhw's Bank Details & Liability

Please note that our bank details will not change throughout the course of the transaction.

If you receive any correspondence requesting monies to be sent to account details that differ from those agreed at the point of instruction, please contact us immediately. Please do not use any contact details set out in the correspondence requesting monies as these may also be fraudulent.

rhw  will not accept responsibility if you transfer money into an incorrect bank account.

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Alice Ryder


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