This week the news that twenty-eight divorce petitions filed by the same online “specialist” divorce company had been dismissed by a family court judge after they were deemed to be identical to each other came to light. We once again see the problems that get caused when some organisations look to find “short cuts” in an attempt to keep their costs down. Most of these “short cuts” are really not in the interests of the client and can end up causing long standing problems a long time after the divorce process itself has been completed.

Why were the petitions dismissed?

In this case the divorce petitions were all dismissed for basically using identical “copy and paste” techniques that just used the same wording in each petition. All the petitioners had apparently been allegedly ignored on “about two days a week” by the respondent in each case, which stood out as “quite impossible” according to a ruling from the High Court. Therefore the petitions were judged to be “improper”. This is obviously extremely bad news for the clients involved but also shows a contempt for and lack of understanding of the legal process by the online divorce company involved.

You and your circumstances are unique

Your divorce is unique and your circumstances different to other people. Don’t accept getting treated as a “job lot” to potentially save a few pounds at this stage. Bad legal advice can cost you a lot more than that further down the line.

Just to pick up on one area that is not properly addressed by some other providers: It is extremely important to have a clean break financial settlement, as otherwise either party can come back against the other at any time in the future to make a financial claim. For example, you may have purchased another house either on your own or with another, further down the line but your ex spouse can make a claim against it, if you do not have a clean break divorce financial order in place.

Make the right choice. Your future self will thank you

As rhw’s family law team have said time and again, whilst divorce may initially look like a “simple” and straightforward process that can be sorted out without specialist advice, it isn’t and the fail-safe option is to seek experienced legal assistance and guidance.

We offer an initial consultation of £125.00 plus VAT where we can guide you through the process of obtaining a divorce and the steps required. As well as financial considerations, divorce comprises of other matters – such as arrangements for your children (if any) and what will happen to joint assets (such as a family home in both your names).

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