We keep an eye on a lot of news articles across a wide range of subject matters on a day to day basis. Keeping on top of what is going on in the news is very important to rhw. It ensures what we offer, in terms of legal services, remains relevant to current times and demands.

The majority of the time the news on Divorce and Family Law, for example, tends to heavily focus on celebrity divorces and quite often ends up with one of the team saying “Who are these people and why are they famous?”

Some of the new stories are interesting in terms of the way money, assets and reputation are approached but quite often they can be infuriating when they refer to quickie divorces, as though the rich and famous have access to a fast track system that is different to everyone else! They don’t, by the way.

They also often have the indignity of having their private lives scrutinised by the press in painstaking detail during the divorce process, which the vast majority of the rest of the population escape.

One story did grab our attention this week. Rather oddly, the research is undertaken by a radiator and temperature gauge specialist. It seems that there is a quite surprising correlation between where you get engaged and your chances of getting divorced. From looking at the information here, we would caution any “popping of the question” in Paris or Iceland!

The Engagement Locations Most Likely To End In Divorce (It’s Not Where You Think)

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