If you follow the news you will see a lot of details coming out of celebrity divorces such as the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case, much of which tends to make you quite glad not to be a celebrity yourself to be honest. You may ask yourself “why are we allowed to see details of certain divorce cases splashed all over the papers?”

The reason you can learn the intimate and surprising details of the relationships of the well-known, is down to the “open justice principle”. This is designed to allow the public to see that justice is being administered fairly and has been around since the time of the Stuarts.

Not everything is open to public view. Exceptions include children proceedings and where a hearing contains confidential information and an open hearing would damage the confidentiality. The majority of family law proceedings are not open to public scrutiny but divorce hearings are an example of a Family Court hearing to be held in open court.

So, there you go, perhaps a couple such as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (who are attracting media attention currently) will be looking at what is happening in the Depp/Heard press coverage and look to avoid the divorce route. As you will see from a couple of big cases in the papers at the moment, if they do end up taking that route then we may all learn more about their relationship then we may want to.

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