Huge Rise in Tribunal Claims

Tribunal claims have increased by 90% – what does that mean for you? The increase in claims since the removal of tribunal fees in July 2017 have been dramatic. Between October and December 2017 statistics show they increased by 90%. Recent cases in the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) include claims in which litigants in person have […]

Forthcoming Employment Law Changes

These are the anticipated employment law changes coming into effect from April and May including small increases in the statutory weekly amount for redundancy payments and tribunal awards, but there are some additional more unusual changes coming in April 2018. Employment Terms and Conditions Failure to provide written terms and conditions of employment entitle an […]

Harassment Cases in Employment Law

Settlement Agreements & Harassment (please be aware there is some strong language within this update relevant to the case background)  An employee claiming harassment is likely to take the claim both against the alleged harasser and the employer who is vicariously liable for the actions of all its employees.  The employer may well prefer to […]

Employment Tribunal Fees – A Fee Too Far

The Supreme Course has held Employment Tribunal fees of up to £1,200 are to be scrapped. The Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab said, “the government will take immediate steps to stop charging fees in employment tribunals and put in place arrangements to refund those who have paid” since July 2013. If you have a grievance with […]

Asleep on the Job – Overnight in the Care Sector

Asleep on the Job? Should those within the care sector who are expected to ‘be present’ overnight at their place of work, be paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW)? rhw Solicitors look at two key cases in this specific area which is causing concern amongst care providers. There have been various key legal cases focusing […]

Settlement Agreements – What you need to know!

Settlement Agreements are quite a hot topic at the moment. I have heard them being discussed on several high profile business programmes on TV and Radio. There seems to be some misunderstandings about what they actually are, what they cover and don’t cover and the rights of those who are affected by them. Let rhw’s […]

rhw – Employment Law Update 2013

1. Pre-termination negotiations. When is an off the record chat not off the record? The answer used to be pretty much anytime an employer is speaking to an employee.  However, this changed on 29 July 2013 when it became possible to have “Confidential Pre-Termination Negotiations”. In other words, provided employers go about things in the right way, […]