Potentially 450,000 people gave a sigh of relief this morning with the news that the residential property market has reopened in England.

That’s the estimate of the number of individuals who had to put their property plans on hold when the country went into lockdown. We have been saying for sometime that the property market would reactivate pretty swiftly and with little advance warning when the time came.

It is a good idea to get ahead of the game in terms of getting quotes, and your ideas together in terms of what you are looking for in a property or your information together if you are selling. Buyers priorities may have changed. Has Covid moved people towards favouring some properties for different reasons than before? Will a spare room or a large garden have moved up the wish-list of potential buyers more than where we were a few months ago? These are interesting times. Make sure you instruct solicitors who are providing high quality legal advice that properly protects your interests whatever side of the transaction you are on.

Please note that as of this date, the residential market has only reopened in England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland remain firmly in lockdown.

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