Moving House is hard work. Some people seem to love it and do it on a regular basis, others view it as an appalling prospect and will avoid having to move house unless it is absolutely necessary. A lot of people do have a strange approach to the whole matter. House viewings usually last less than half an hour and decisions on whether a house ‘works or not’ for an individual tend to be made in the first few minutes of entering a property. Less time than it takes to buy a car to be honest!

Some buyers will then really start making odd decisions. Even though they are preparing to part with hundreds of thousands of pounds they will look for the cheapest person on the market to undertake the ‘conveyancing’ work, with little thought for the qualifications or experience of the individual or firm they are intending to instruct? This is very odd. In what other purchase of this size would you trust your future on the cheapest option regardless of all other factors?

Why is this important? Well, for starters they will be involved with the financial side of the process and that’s a lot of money to be risking on an unknown quantity.

Your home is usually the largest asset you will own and you need someone representing you who will protect your interests, understand the system and ask the right questions. Asking the right questions and, more importantly, being able to understand the answers and ‘search’ results are absolutely vital before the sale/purchase proceeds. If there is an ancient right of way across the land, or the house has had works carried out without planning permission or building regulations being abided to, you need to know about it. Some practitioners offering conveyancing services like to cut corners at this stage. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

At rhw we pride ourselves on not being ‘sausage machine’ residential conveyancers. Every property is unique, every transaction is different. We will tell you what we find during our searches and study of the documentation even (and especially) if it is bad news! Are we the cheapest? Absolutely not. Will we look after your interests? Absolutely.

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