On the “Estate Agent Today” website there is an article reporting that a specialist conveyancing firm is telling its staff to put up their fees as the property market comes out of lock-down.

Some of the article is a bit sniffy about the notion that conveyancing services have been too cheap for too long, which is what the firm are saying, but to an extent that is correct given the amount of work actually involved (if you are going through the process properly).  Unfortunately that situation has come about from a race to the bottom by a number of outfits who have put the pushing through of large volumes of instructions, at the cheapest possible fees, ahead of nearly all other considerations.

What is also telling about the instructions from the conveyancing firm and also the article is the complete absence of any reference to “quality” in the provision of services to the client. Given the purchase of a property is nearly always the one largest investment you will make, having guidance through the legal process by a quality and experienced firm of solicitors is extremely important. If you can show you are different to many of the firms offering rock bottom fees for conveyancing work and delivering time and again on client service and protection of the client’s interests you can justify what your services cost! rhw can do just that.

We are in deeply uncertain times currently. Anybody who is purporting to accurately predict a few weeks ahead let alone a few months, is either truly gifted or has as much chance of being correct as you or me. At rhw we ask the questions that need asking and we will tell you what you need to know including any bad stuff!

The one thing we do know is that residential property proves time and time again to be a winner in terms of returns over the medium to long term. Yes, it is a place to live fundamentally and we should never forget that but it’s also nice to know you have a better chance than with many other investments of recovering your money and some when it comes to the time to downsize or move next time around.

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