Coronavirus is in the news a lot at the moment and probably will be for the next few months.

Here at rhw Solicitors we are very aware that some people may be feeling anxious about the spread of the virus and wish to minimise contact with other people during this time. It can be inconvenient to have to cancel business and personal projects because of virus containment related barriers.

To counter coronavirus related issues, rhw offer the following services to clients and prospects to make sure your matter progresses even if you do not wish to travel or meet in person :

  1. An ID verification service where you can upload your passport/driving licence/proof of address via an ‘app’. It is quick and avoids having to come into the rhw offices.
  2. Online consultation services via Zoom/Skype video conferencing.
  3. Facetime/WhatsApp consultation where available.
  4. Documents and correspondence can be sent by email where physical pick up or drop off is not possible.
  5. A courier service to collect original docs. from the client and drop off at rhw’s offices (and vice versa).
  6. In some circumstances we can arrange for a member of our team to visit you in your own home if you prefer not to travel.

Please note that some of these services may accrue fees for the use of third-party services. We can advise where that will be the case on request.

Don’t let the virus put a stop to your plans. There are ways and means to push forward and deliver an end result where others are still pondering their options.

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