Brace yourselves everyone! The media is about to be full of stories about Monday 7th January being ‘National Divorce Day‘. For some reason this has grown as a story over the last few years and seems to get higher profile coverage every time it comes around.

The truth of the matter is something rather more complex. Yes, rhw receive increased levels of enquiries about divorce and mediation following the Christmas holidays but there are also similar spikes in calls and emails following the Easter and Summer holidays.

Most people do not decide to separate on the basis of an indifferent or difficult holiday period. Usually the problems have been there for a long time but work and the day to day schedule of the school run etc tend to keep couples from spending extended periods of time in close proximity. The cracks in the relationship are therefore held at bay.  Holiday periods change that dynamic as families spend long periods of time together and this can bring issues and problems to a head.

rhw’s Family Law Team are trained to approach all new enquiries with empathy and professionalism. We offer practical solutions that suit the unique circumstances of each situation. No two relationships are the same. It could be that mediation is the route for you. It’s about finding the right path forward for each client and offering support to move people’s lives forward.

rhw’s Family Law Team were recently listed in the Legal 500.

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