If you are thinking of selling your house we suggest that you contact us before the property is put on the market.

You will have enough to manage in the move itself, with arranging and contacting for removal services, schools, utility companies etc without having to deal with the legal issues but if you still need reasons why you should involve rhw as early as possible, please read on:-

  1. It can take time to track down the title deeds to the property. rhw can minimise delays in undertaking this task.
  1. Land registry details and the land registry filed plan will need to be checked.
  1. Any title discrepancies can be addressed at an early stage. This is very important. Can you afford to risk getting this wrong?
  1. Property Information Forms and Fittings and Contents. Forms can be completed in readiness for the sale.
  1. Solicitors are used to dealing with other solicitors. The language and processes used are geared to experienced and qualified individuals.
  1. We will check that all necessary planning consents and building regulation completion certificates are in place. Get this wrong and it can cost you a lot of money and time.
  1. We will advise you if any electrical installation certificates are necessary.
  1. We will consider whether Corgi/Gas Safe Compliance and Declaration of Safety Certificates are required.
  1. FENSA certificates may be necessary for replacement door and window installations at the property.
  1. We can re-affirm our relationship with you and establish a good working partnership with your selling agent at an early stage.

Having rhw solicitors dealing with these issues at the outset will help to speed up the legal process. That can only be a bonus for both your peace of mind and the chances of a smooth property transaction.

For further information see our pages on conveyancing or commercial property.

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