A few weeks ago, I opened a tab in the name of “England” on the day of the Royal Wedding. The bar man was like “Wow, that’s so amazing”. Perhaps barmen are easily impressed but to be honest, yeah, actually it is amazing! My surname had not been England for a few years and I had partially forgotten how much of an impact it has wherever I go.

Being able to revert to my maiden name was a defining moment in my divorce. A goal at the end of a long period of uncertainty and disruption to life’s usual patterns. Being me again. I could have changed it by deed poll earlier, but I felt like I deserved it when the final divorce papers came through.

My dog got an early promotion into the ‘England’ sphere. His name tag fell off and I knew what I was replacing it with. It was nice the way my name on the tag glinted back at me. I read recently how someone who was getting divorced remembered changing her dogs surname at the vets and feeling good about it, and I thought, ‘yeah it’s not just me’. My dog got me through a lonely and difficult time; got me out every morning, and we made some new dog walking friends along the way. He was not well read in family law, but I had the support of the Family Law team, for the legal stuff, here at rhw.

Changing your name, or your children’s (or your dogs), whatever is important to you, can make a difference to how you feel. How you identify. The journey can take a while, but it’s worth it. rhw Solicitors can help you on your journey.

Because we are real people too.

Come on England!

Sarah England – rhw solicitors llp

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