As we start to pack away the Christmas decorations and eat the last few Quality Street, family ties can feel well-tested and frayed.  There has been a lot in the media this week about “Divorce Day” when people contact solicitors after deciding a new year means it’s time to do something about their relationship with their spouse or children.  A big part of this process, if the parties are willing, is mediation.  Family mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which helps you reach decisions about things that are important for you and your family, without having to go through the court process.

From 11th to 15th January, it will be the annual Family Mediation Week, as organised by the Family Mediators Association. The FMA hopes to raise awareness about how family mediation can help couples looking at separating.

On Monday 11th January, the FMA will be releasing a YouGov poll showing that most people are unaware of mediation, and its benefits in resolving conflicts.

On Tuesday 12th January, the FMA will show a video of a mediation client talking about their experiences of mediation.

On Wednesday 13th January, the FMA will be focusing on children, and how mediation can help them.  It is not unusual now to bring children into the process and help them through it.

On Thursday 14th January, the focus will shift to separated parents working together, and materials made by the Ministry of Justice will be made available.

On Friday 15th January, the final day will be about how mediation works, and there will be a video release for people to watch.

We hope that you will find the Family Mediators Association material helpful, but if you would like any further information on mediation, or you would like to explore the possibility of mediation (fixed fees available) with our trained mediators, please contact our family team on 01483 302000 , send an email to  or complete our simple contact us form.