If you are acting for yourself because you are not eligible for legal aid, or you do not wish to instruct a solicitor to assist you, then you are known by the Court as a “Litigant in Person” or LiP.

rhw are very aware of the impact on LiPs of the withdrawal of legal aid for the majority of Family Law cases. It is, unfortunately, an area that is out of the control of both the Law Firms working within the Family sector and also the members of the public affected by the decision of the Government of the time.

rhw have looked at how we may assist those who have either chosen to represent themselves in the Court process or have been forced to do so by circumstances such as the withdrawal of legal aid..

We know that finances can be tight at the best of times and it is not always possible to afford to use a solicitor to guide you through the entire legal process. An individual may struggle with certain areas of what is being asked of them by the Courts or by representatives from the other side.

What we are able to offer is help on any or all parts of the legal process. In appropriate cases we offer the following services on a fixed fee basis:-

  • Preparing your financial disclosure in Financial Proceedings (Form E) – From £500 plus VAT
  • Analysing your spouse’s financial disclosure in Financial Proceedings (Form E) – From £300 plus VAT
  • Assisting in the preparation and filing of documents for your First Appointment Hearing which includes your Questionnaire, Statement of Issues, and Chronology – From £600 plus VAT
  • Assisting you in making an application for a Child Arrangements Order – From £350 plus VAT

If you would like further information on how we can help you, including details of our fixed fee scheme, please contact Bethan Foster from our Family Law team on 01483 302000 or email guildford@rhw.co.uk for help regarding Self Representation (Litigants in Person).