Finally, you can now follow rhw on Twitter & LinkedIn.

Following the launch of our new website, rhw are delighted to report that we have joined the ‘Twitterati’. We want clients (and anyone else!) to be able to stay up with the news from rhw and see our comments on national and global news stories that we think you may find interesting. There may be the odd joke and witticism thrown in as well!

If you’ve got a Twitter account and want to follow us, please search for: @rhwsolicitors

rhw have had a LinkedIn account for a while now but we’ve decided to give it a brush up. If you haven’t been there before, or just haven’t checked it out for for while, please go and have a look. Visit rhw Solicitors on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to get in touch with us via the old-fashioned methods then feel free to call rhw, solicitors in Guildford, on 01483 302 000 or email

For specific information see our articles on family law and business law.