This is a video featuring Samantha Jago talking about the process and benefits of mediation in Divorce proceedings.

Transcript of Samantha’s video advice on mediation:

Hello my name is Samantha Jago and I am a family mediator and family lawyer with rhw Solicitors based in Guildford.

I’m at the Starting Over Show today to offer the service of mediation and explain to people what that service is.

Some people traditionally go through the route of divorce and they think that it has to be all separation and that it has to be an acrimonious affair.

Mediation offers an alternative to separating couples. It allows them to discuss any difficulties that have flown from the breakdown of their relationship such as finances, issues over children in a controlled environment and with a view to reaching an agreement with their other half as to the way forward.

Mediation is particularly effective when it comes to children matters because, as separated parents, you will have to co-parent your children for the rest of their lives and mediation gives you the opportunity to try and build up a rapport with them or working relationship with that parent moving forward.

The mediator will control the environment so that no party has more power than the other and will allow people to air their views with a view to them taking control over their future and hopefully reach an agreement with the guidance of the mediator.

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